FCA/Called Up Alumni

What was it like for you at SJSU as an athlete? Sure, you had a need for places like your dorm, study hall, and the practice field/pool/gym. But you also wanted and searched for a place to go for fun, social life, spiritual input and safe community! Maybe part of your rhythm was to go to FCA or Called Up, but we didn't have a place that was designed for this connection...until now. We call it—The Place!

One block from the dorms we have remodeled this house and turned its back yard into a place that is actually designed for college athletes to enjoy. We will have free coffee, a library, study spots, clean restrooms, a state of the art kitchen, a quiet room, beautiful outdoor seating and game area, and so much more. We are open all day every weekday and we host Family Dinners here each week!


This is where we need your help. Our designated budget to provide all of these things is $36,000 a year (which is just about $100 a day). Would you consider paying it back to help us pay it forward? All we need is 30 of you to jump onto the team by giving $100 a month. Click here to give and be sure to check the box that says "make this a monthly donation".

Read on for a few stories of some other alumni to hear why they give. Maybe it'll inspire you!

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Laura (Scott) Benton

2001-2005 Water Polo

MVP 3 years

All-American 2 years

Scholar Athlete 4 years

Captain 3 years



When I was a senior in high school, my youth pastor said that 70% of our youth group would stop going to church when they went off to college. I knew that when I arrived at SJSU in 2001 that I did not want to fall away from the Lord. Clay and Kelly provided a place for me to grow in my faith while I was in college. They challenged and taught us to bring God into our sports and be witnesses to our teammates. They provided a place to not only study God's Word but also provided a community of people that we could do life with. I will be forever grateful to the Elliott's for being such godly examples, listening without judgement, and providing a home away from home. The impact that they have made on my life has been a lasting one. Clay officiated my wedding, Kelly was there for the birth my first child, and they are among the first people I would call for anything.


Because of the impact that they have made and continue to make in my life, I have been supporting them ever since I graduated college because what they are doing matters. I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to use The Place to impact the next generation of student athletes, and I feel blessed to be part of it!

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TJ Football_edited.jpg

Travis Johnson

2009-2013 Football


Academic All-American

Scholar Athlete

Defensive Player of the Year












I started at SJSU playing football in 2009. My first year was extremely complex and stressful, having to learn how to navigate football, school, peers, etc. I remember struggling to make it a home and feel like I had a place to just relax and know everything will be ok. In my sophomore year I met Clay and Kelly and it changed my life. I started to attend FCA group in the gold room and then that grew to family dinners at the Elliott's house. This created a sense of peace and place of comfort, almost as a home away from home. Having a group and place to go to, allowed me to meet some amazing people and grow as an individual. 


Now being a part of Called Up, I am seeing the same home away from home being created in the "The Place". Having a house to go to, that is right off campus, to talk and meet other people is a huge blessing. Not only is this a place to get a boost of caffeine or a place to unwind after a long day, but it is also a place to create relationships that will last a lifetime. The Place is going to make differences in thousands of student athletes' lives. I am supporting The Place and Called Up to ensure the growth I had is continued for generations to come.



Jessica (Willett) Frazee

2011-2015 Tennis

Became the first Spartan to earn Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Scholar-Athlete honors 4 times

All-Western Athletic Conference doubles selection




Since meeting Clay and Kelly in 2013, the love, community, and wisdom I have gained from them and their ministry have left a lasting impression on my faith. God used them in my time at SJSU to change the course of my life and deepen my walk with Jesus, while they poured into so many student-athletes and coaches around me. I remember being a lonely and struggling freshman, and as I went to family dinners and gatherings, I became a more confident, connected, and joyful sophomore, which I attribute solely to their ministry.


Having The Place as a physical location so close to campus will continue be an outpouring of the love of Jesus and a gathering place for student-athletes to experience community - a home away from home, like Clay and Kelly have always created with their own home for me. It’s a blessing to me to be able to be a small part of The Place through supporting and partnering with Called Up. I can’t wait to see how The Place encourages and eternally impacts the athletic department for years to come!